COMPANY PROFILEWe want to be one of the most advanced and qualified businesses in the market for distribution and special transformers. Our high specialization, extensive know-how and exhaustive after-sales service make our product fully tailored to customer requirements.

Europe Systems Story

EUROPE SYSTEMS – born in the province of Janjeva, the heart of the Kosovar engineering industry – is now one of the most advanced and qualified business in the market of Oil-immersed distribution transformers.

EUROPE SYSTEMS was established in 2014 a manufacturer offering its products to the market. Its high specialization in distribution and special transformers, in-depth know-how in the construction of high voltage machines for Energy use and effective after-sales service, make EUROPE SYSTEMS the ideal partner for the whole industrial and energy sector.

Europe Systems Strengths

EUROPE SYSTEMS strengths are:

  • Large investments in the R&D dept. which allow engineers to use software to define employment characteristics and machine size in the early stages of design;
  • Advanced organization of the workshops where manufacturing activities and the most accurate Europe Systems are carried out according to national and international standards;
  • Service;
  • Custom made;
  • Reliability;

The young and strong company is growing steadily in terms of employment and profits, thanks to both direct sales and trading through Main Contractors and service activities for its own and third party products in all sectors: iron and steel, chemicals, refineries, energy production and distribution.

Europe Systems Activity

Europe Systems is a company that operates in the field of transformer at 360°:

  • Design, construction, testing and commissioning of  Oil-immersed Distribution transformers 25KvA up to 2500 KvA
  • Design, construction, testing and commissioning of three-phase transformers for industrial and traction applications.
  • Sale and rental of transformers reconditioned and guaranteed.
  • Repair of broken transformers, redesign, revamping and reconstruction of windings.
  • On site tests and diagnostic surveys to identify failures and malfunctioning of installed transformers.
  • On site preventive, routine and extraordinary maintenance of transformers and related accessories.

Europe Systems Goals

EUROPE SYSTEMS has ambitious goals:

  • Supply of continuous and reliable maintenance and consulting service
  • Development of innovative technological processes
  • Strengthening of relationships with new markets
  • Support to the customer during study, design and construction of its industrial plant.
  • Development and research are the hallmarks of a corporate philosophy aimed at optimization of processes, instruments and resources.

The corporate goal is to manufacture products designed according to the customer’s requirements and needs. Tailor made is the concept that mainly characterizes EUROPE SYSTEMS.

A customer oriented philosophy and attention to service are the values shared by the whole staff.

EUROPE SYSTEMS is now one of the most successful combinations of experience and research and contributes to reaffirming the leadership of Kosovar supplies in a sector where safety and continuity are the first and incontrovertible needs.